I first became aware of holistic practices for the same reason many do. It was out of desperation and necessity. My oldest daughter was constantly sick and extremely overweight. She was missing 30-40 days of school every year from kindergarten through 3rd grade. I finally decided to take her to see a chiropractor who did Nutrition Response Testing.

Despite previous food allergy tests saying she wasn’t sensitive to gluten and dairy, they determined through muscle testing that she was, in fact, allergic to both.

We removed those from her diet and her health dramatically improved. I realized there was something else other than the traditional medical model to improve wellness through diet. This opened up my mind to other possibilities.


My interest in holistic approaches continued to grow. I then had one of the most traumatic days ever March 17th, 2017. A mass was found in my 45-year-old wife Tanya’s head of her pancreas.

March 20th we were told it was pancreatic cancer. We were told in all likelihood it was inoperable because it appeared to be on the portal vein. When we looked at our odds it appeared there was no hope with traditional medicine.

Tanya and I embraced the holistic approach.

We began pancreatic enzyme therapy along with the Budwig Cellect protocol and used Nutrition Response testing while going vegan and juicing up to 10 fresh juices a day. For approximately 5 months it seemed we held the pancreatic cancer at bay. I believed we were going to beat it.

Things began to change. She started to feel worse. As a result, and out of fear and confusion, we altered our approach. The tumor was growing. We continued to fight but exactly one year from its first diagnosis my beautiful wife lost her battle with her cancer.

She died in my arms on March 17th, 2018.


I realized emotions played a role in this disease’s progression. I felt this disease went beyond the traditional medical model’s explanation. I felt in my heart this disease was able to be overcome. The whole year I studied everything I could find both medical and alternative that could offer hope for her cancer. I felt there was something I was missing.

When we were nearing the end of Tanya’s illness, I found the Bengston Method. I was intrigued by it but we didn’t have the time or means to use it. After she passed some friends who were supportive of our fight told me about QHHT.

These therapies blew me away. I decided to learn both of them. This was the start of my journey to try to help others avoid what we experienced.

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