The Bengston Method

When doing research to help my wife I stumbled upon The Bengston Method. Unfortunately, I found this near the very end of her life. I wish I could have found it sooner.

The Bengston Method is an energy healing therapy developed by Dr. Bengston. He is a Ph.D. Sociologist who is a rational skeptic. He met somebody who was doing healings and he wanted to study and learn to replicate his Method. He studied this and continues research to this day under strict scientific standards in some of the most prestigious universities in the US.

He has duplicated trials of mice being cured of cancer using his method. People started applying this to people who had cancer and other conditions with positive results.

There are many other energy healing techniques out there. Some of the things that make this one stand out:

  • It doesn’t require belief on the part of the one receiving or doing it.
  • It also seems to be especially effective at helping people with cancer.

Anybody who is looking to learn more can read THE ENERGY CURE written by Dr. Bengston available on Amazon and other venues. I encourage everybody to look at his videos on YouTube and to read his book.

There are no guarantees for how one responds to this therapy. Some respond faster than others. It can be done in person as well as over long distances.

How It Works

There is a technique called rapid image cycling which can enhance the effectiveness of this therapy. I would set up a time to do the sessions where ideally the recipient would be image cycling. It is not absolutely necessary but would be beneficial for them to do so. A side benefit is image cycling can help people manifest and achieve their hopes and dreams.

What It Costs

My fees for this service are as follows.

  • $100 (contact me for more details)
  • Most sessions are 30mins in length.
  • Depending on the circumstances some are 15minutes and others can be up to an hour.
  • I use muscle testing to determine how long would be ideal for the recipient.

The frequency of sessions can vary as well depending upon the circumstances. Many can do one session per week while others (just starting out) may need more. Dosing is determined on a case by case basis.