Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Bring To A Session?

When one comes in for a QHHT session they should bring with them any and all questions they want or need to be answered.

What Can I Expect?

You’ll be addressing your universal consciousness through your own connection with it. We’ll discuss your life, family, and any major issues or events going on. We do this so we can develop a comfort level with one another. It also gives me a better picture of the reason you want to participate in a QHHT session. People preferably should be lying comfortably on a bed or couch for these sessions.

What Does QHHT Mean?

QHHT stands for Quantum Healing Hypnosis technique. This is a form of hypnotherapy. We will regress you and will visit issues pertaining to your current life in your current lifetime or even past lifetimes.

How Does QHHT Benefit People?

By using QHHT, we can find, understand, and release the things holding you back from living your best life. Once we do that we will bring forth your subconscious.

How Does QHHT Work?

We will direct the subconscious to scan the body for any and all health issues. I will then bring you out of the session back to your awakened conscious state. You will spend 30-40 minutes reacclimating to your surroundings.

How Do I Know What Happens When I’m Hypnotized?

You will have a video or audio recording on your cellphone to listen to. I encourage people to listen to their session multiple times as needed.

How Long Is A QHHT Session?

I offer QHHT and the Bengston Method in people’s homes. Sessions can take 3.5-6 hours to complete. Given the time constraints, only 1 session can be done daily.

How Much Does QHHT Therapy Cost?

The amount of time and effort required is extensive. Payment is $400 nonrefundable upfront. A successful session is one where the subconscious is reached. If we do not then we can make multiple attempts at later times to do so at no additional cost.