I have dealt with a very consistent and in later years, constant issue with my sciatic. It began when I was a teenager after an accident and I am now in my 40’s. This problem affected pretty much everything I tried to do and every movement. I was to the point I could not sleep through the pain it caused during the night. Todd performed the Bengston Method for me and after the very first treatment, I experienced results. I had not expected the results to be that dramatic. I was able to sleep without pain, do my workouts without modifications to the sciatic problems. I even began walking in a way I hadn’t been able to in years. It was like I had my hips unlocked. I think we just cope and learn to deal with how some things are and once it is gone, we realize how much it was impacting everything. This Bengston Method was what I needed to be able to continue down my path in life and do it without being held back by my sciatic injury anymore.

Wendy in Utah

A skeptic becomes a believer…

Duke, my 11-year-old Jack Russell rescue, became part of the family nearly a year ago. With him came a chronic paw lick granuloma, multiple allergic skin issues as well as chronic pain leading to aggression. I spent countless hours and dollars on traditional veterinary medicine including over 20 cold laser treatments to his paw. He wore an E- collar 24/7 for 2 months. I felt defeated but was committed to healing this dog. I was introduced to the Bengston method and that’s when things started changing. I am a medically trained nurse practitioner and this is not something I ever found myself trying or believing in. Out of desperation to help my dog I spoke with Todd. He performed the Bengston method on Duke multiple times and within the first few treatments, there was a notable difference in his paw condition. I have since been able to keep the E- collar off for over a month now. His licking has decreased, the inflammation has improved and I no longer need multiple vet visits per month. His chronic pain has lessened and with that, his aggression has calmed. He’s a healthier little guy and I couldn’t be more thankful. I enjoy him and he is living the happy life he deserves-All because I decided to open my mind and believe in the Bengston method. Thank you, Todd.

Kim Lancaster, PA RE her dog…

I heard about the Bengston Method from a friend of mine who said that Todd Aston was doing amazing things with it. I had recently gotten a foster dog named Atticus with one incapacitated leg, so I contacted Todd to see if he would be willing to work on him. My intent was to try to build a case against amputation for the upcoming veterinarian evaluation. After three days of being worked on, I no longer had to carry Atticus up the steps to the second floor. He weighs 45 lbs. and I’m 70 years old, so that pleased me to no end. After two weeks, Atticus was using his leg more, although still holding it up. Only surgery can change that. But it was clear on our walks that his legs were getting stronger and overall he was doing better. Then came the time to see the vet. His assessment was that he would never suggest amputation of the leg because it was clear all the nerves and muscles were intact and Atticus did use the leg for leverage and to push off. My mission was accomplished! Todd saved Atticus’s leg using the Bengston Method. He has continued to work on Atticus, and the strength that he has gained has allowed me to do water therapy with him to strengthen his legs even more. I have complete confidence that when we see the orthopedic vet on 9/21/20 that Atticus will be in a position to have the best outcome should surgery be recommended to regain use of his leg.

Janet for her dog Atticus Lititz, PA